Tuesday, July 15, 2008

History Of Psychic Doom Gaming Inc. orMU HISTORY

It's amazing how some hobbies turn into full time jobs, how some people turn to dedicate their lives, and how legends are born. Cyndre, the founder of Psychic Doom, started playing MU Online shortly after Christmas 2004 after he received his first computer as a Christmas present. This computer was nothing more than a Compaq Presario refurbished as a Boxing Day Sale item. Living in a small 2-bedroom apartment at the time, the walk-in storage closet became the new computer area and the place where MU Online was discovered. The first server that Cyndre played on was Ownage. Although this was a good server to play, the unpredictable and sometimes long down times made Cyndre think that he could provide a better service. What he thought he could do, he did.

In February, 2004, the files were downloaded and installed. When Ownage went down, Psychic Doom went up for a small selection of friends that Cyndre had made on the Ownage server. Word of mouth spread and Psychic Doom began to run full time despite when other servers were up or down, and regardless of how many people played. All was fine and dandy until one day when a player asked Cyndre how much would it cost to get some better items in game. The light became clear and this was when Cyndre decided to take this server to the next level. By May, 2004, a second computer was bought to run and additional server for Psychic Doom. With word of mouth growing among players, soon this wouldn't even be enough to hold all the traffic caused by new players joining the server daily. Psychic Doom continued to grow at an alarming rate.

By March, 2005, a tough decision was made for Psychic Doom. Was this the right time for the server to expand again? The answer was yes and the server and all of it's computers moved into colocation and onto an internet backbone. This became the make it or break it time for the server. The colocation move went over well with the players and Psychic Doom made it through the transitional period without a hitch. Still only growing by word of mouth for advertising, the server population exploded and it wasn't long before it became over 1000 new accounts being created daily.

By December, 2005, Psychic Doom became an Incorperated company, changing it's name to Psychic Doom Gaming Inc. It still strives to provide the best service it can to those who play and will still be around for old players for years to come.



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